6.15.2018 - 9.4.2018
Foto Relevance is pleased to present “Tornado Warning In Effect”, showcasing the work of two distinctly different yet complementary artists: Robert Langham III and Paul-André Larocque.  Featuring work from his “Magic and Logic” series, Langham’s tornadic images are created using traditional film and dark room processes without the use of digital media or computer editing. His conceptual “still life” images, while creative and imaginative,  firmly embrace classic photographic tradition.  In wonderful contrast, Paul-André Larocque’s images of deserts, beaches and candy shops whirling through space are digitally collaged, embedding his imagery with motion and intense color.  Larocque’s uses a multi-media technique. He embellishes  his images with broad brush strokes of acrylic paint, creating unique and one-of-a-kind works.


3.5.18 – 4.22.18
Torrie Groening

Foto Relevance Gallery

9.6.16 – 10.28.16​
Susan Ressler​​

The Margolis Gallery, Congregation Beth Israel

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