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Deep Focus

Appreciation, History and a Place in Contemporary Photography

Foto Relevance is committed to expanding appreciation of contemporary photography-based art. Periodically, artists and genres of photography will be selected for commentary, adding framework and historical context to selected work. Your comments are welcome.

Trees and Photographers

There is an attraction all of us have to trees.  For photographers, trees hold a special fascination.  For 170 years, photographers have used trees as subject matter. The broad variety of species of trees, the visual entertainment of how the trunk and branches expand, turn and twist make each tree different.  Leaf sizes, shapes and

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Time in Contemporary Photography-FotoFest 2018

“The Photograph does not necessarily say what is no longer, but only and for certain what has been”. – Roland Barthes, “Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography” Every two years, photographers, collectors, curators, publishers and photography lovers meet in Houston to share, network and see multiple exhibitions at the FotoFest Biennial. This commentary will focus on

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Still Life Photomontage: Works of Torrie Groening

Combining photographs and using different media with photographs has been part of photography ever since its beginnings in the mid-1800s.  There are a number of words to describe these works.  Most often the words used, many times interchangeably, are: collage, montage and bricolage.   Torrie Groening, a Vancouver-based Canadian artist, is a master printer who

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Constructed Images – Paris Photo 2017

Since it’s earliest days,  photographers have constructed their own visual reality. Photography is not just the capture of the natural or urban environment that surrounds us. At “Paris Photo 2017” a number of contemporary photographers were featured who choose to build their own “reality”, or manipulate an image taken, to express a point of view.

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Medium Festival of Photography 2017

At an event like The Medium Festival of Photography there are plenty of opportunities to discover new means of artistic expression through photography-based works.  The works exhibited ranged from excellent craftsmanship in the traditional use of photography, both as film-based silver gelatin and digital work to sculptural applications.  From the many excellent photographers at Medium,

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