Foto Relevance presents 1000+1, a summer group show featuring selections from Kalee Appleton, Joana P. Cardozo, Mark Chen, Paul-André Larocque, Noelle Mason, Karen Navarro, and Krista Svalbonas. // When thinking about photography, an old adage often comes to mind: a picture is worth a thousand words. To say this is to recognize photography as an inherently communicative and narrative practice, to acknowledge the ways in which a singular image can convey meaning when language falls short. Engaging in this conversation, 1000+1 highlights seven contemporary artists who expand our expectations of photography through the use of photo-based techniques in conjunction with alternative art forms. The exhibition showcases the versatility and malleability of photography, suggesting that one future narrative for the medium lies in its intrinsic ability to accommodate and engage seamlessly with other methods of expression.

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