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Working with Collectors and Artists of Contemporary Photography

“13,820,089 Suns from Flicker (partial) 07/01/15, 2015” Art by Penelope Umbrico, from Mark Moore Gallery. Installation Photograph by Geoffrey C. Koslov



“13,820,089 Suns from Flickr (Partial) 07/01/15-Inverted, 2015” Art by Penelope Umbrico, from of Mark Moore Gallery. Installation Photograph by Geoffrey C. Koslov


Photography by Martin Holmes, from the “Time Slip” series.



Photography by Jane Szabo from the “Reconstructing Self” Series



Photography by Joe C. Aker






Photography by Lou Vest from the Seascape Abstract series


Photography by Vladimir Frumin

Photograph  by Deborah Bay – Traveling Light Series

Photograph by Torrie Groening – Shelf Collector Series

Image by Marti Corn from her portfolio “Roadside” about the Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya, Africa.

“Foto Relevance  has in-depth experience with the contemporary fine-art photography market.  Our network  and resources are specialized in photography-based artists, dealers and galleries globally. Our services include consultation, research, search and representation to align with your collection interests.”

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