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12.18.2017 – 2.23.2018

In celebration of the opening of new exhibition space in the Audubon Place Historic District of Montrose, Foto Relevance is pleased to present the work of seven gallery artists: Deborah Bay, Marti Corn, Vladimir Frumin, Torrie Groening, Martin Holmes, Jane Szabo, and Lou Vest. This inaugural exhibition showcases contemporary photographers representing a beautiful range of styles and techniques.

Deborah Bay, a conceptual artist, uses light creatively whether abstractions through glass prisms or plexiglass penetrated by bullet fragments.

Marti Corn is a documentary fine art photographer focusing on creating a visual dialogue on issues of social justice through her presentation of life in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

Russian-born Vladimir Frumin’s black & white work, often film-based,  is a reflection of his adaptation to American life, people and landscapes over-laid with his own avant-garde perspective. 

Canadian artist and master printer Torrie Groening’s images are still life works of places and objects that are a combination of her own drawing and collage.

The works of Martin Holmes are studies of motion emphasizing how our lives are unsettled by the urban environment.

Using self-portraiture and still life as a vehicle to share stories from her life, Jane Szabo’s work merges her love for fabrication and materials into her photographic projects, incorporating sculptural, performance and installation elements.

Houston-based artist Lou Vest who worked as a pilot for thirty years navigating ships up and down the Houston Ship Channel, captures images of seascapes, ships and locations to which he traveled from this unique perch.

The diverse perspectives of each of these artists create a wonderfully fulfilling initial exhibition for visitors to Foto Relevance.

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