Upon  seeing  ​Yelena  Strokin​'s  images  for  the  first  time,  the  viewer  can't  help  but  be  captured by their elegant, Old World beauty. The glowing, Caravaggioesque light that defines  her  work  imparts  a  jewel-like  quality  to  glass  and  fruits.  Bold  colors of produce,  flowers, butterflies and European antiques set against a rich background are arranged in carefully  crafted  compositions  that  recall  the  old  Masters  of  the  Flemish style of painting  from the 17th century. Vegetables seen through Yelena's lens are luxurious pieces of sculpture.


Sumptuous textures, whether the shimmer of fine fabric, the luminosity of fine  porcelain and old silver or the earthiness of rough wood add strength and richness to her images. Yelena was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and now makes her home in Bucks County Pennsylvania.  She is a trained chef and has  formally studied design and photography. Her love of classical, European art and antiques, her appreciation of the natural beauty of objects from the fields and woods near her home as well as country breads, fruits and vegetables from her kitchen and garden have all found expression and harmonious life in her artwork.


Whether  formal  and  delicate  or  simple  and  rustic,  Yelena's  exquisitely  crafted  work  possesses a timeless quality that transcends culture and continents to add graciousness and beauty to any setting.  Her  work  is  published  in  many  American  as  well  as  in European magazines (Burda Food:  Sweet Dreams (Germany), Magazine Freundin: Donna (Germany), Cigar Aficionado (US), GENTE  (Italy),  Bucks  Life  (US),  Home  &  Table  (US)  and  more).  Yelena's  work  has  been  exhibited in local and metropolitan galleries.