Paul-André Larocque is an art photographer who was raised in a small fishing town eastern Québec, Canada.  Part of the beauty and chaos of his multimedia works reflect his  ADHD syndrome that wasn’t diagnosed until his early 30’s. A beautiful chaos, Larocque’s active mind and energy is embedded into his imagery, which confronts  the viewer with challenging artwork full of motion and color. Before becoming a full time artist, Paul-André Larocque traveled thousands of miles across the world as a journalist, a freelance photographer and art director for Mixte Magazine. During his time abroad, he captured the identity of each city, inspired by his love for architecture and all human creations such as cars, music, food, design and street art. He has exhibited in Sydney, Australia, the Chromatic Festival in Montreal,  the Spectrum Art Fair during Miami Art Basel, Galerie MX in Montreal and Fotofest International that is based in Houston. He is represented by  Foto Relevance in Houston, Texas.  Paul-Andre now calls Texas home where he creates work and lives with his husband.