Mark Chen is a photographic artist, educator and author. His practices center on the visual discourse on sustainability, climate change among other environmental and social issues. He crosses media boundaries, often collaboratively, from photography to other visual art, sound art, creative writing and performance. In his work, satire and humor are the signature. 


Mark Chen’s work has been shown in events such as Fotofest, Conference of American Wind Energy Association and venues such as The Griffin Museum of Photography, Houston Center for Photography, Art Car Museum, and the Artists’ Cabin, Taiwan. He is represented by Foto Relevance, Houston and Galería Photo/Graphić, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He has received an MFA degree from the University of Houston.


Chen has taught at University of Houston, Houston Baptist University and Houston Center for Photography, among other institutions. He is also an avid published author, producing seven book titles on photographic art and techniques from Amherst Media and one upcoming title from Bloomsbury Publishing.