Fikry Botros has the eye of an artist and the soul of an engineer.  His images are crafted with a special purpose and perfection. As a young man growing up in Cairo, Egypt, Botros was influenced by the photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Brassai. He is fascinated by the interaction between people and their environment, by the different textures of the urban centers we live in and the ever changing patterns of shadow they create. Botros finds infinite opportunities to look for beauty and meaning in the normalcy of every day life. He will think about the “idea” of a photo based on a particular selected location and then wait until someone shows up to complement the scene. The engineer in him loves the camera’s ability to see only one combination of contrast, focus and light creates a richer and more fascinating world than the one we actually experience with our ever darting eyes. He prefers black and white because it offers him a more effective medium to capture this essential feature in the type of photographs he will exhibit.  A world traveler in search of new images, he splits most of his time between Houston, TX (USA) and Paris, France. His work has been published by National Geographic and exhibited in venues in the United States and abroad.