Amanda Marchand: Lumen Notebook

MAY 14 - JUL 09 2022

Foto Relevance is pleased to present Lumen Notebook, the gallery's debut solo exhibition of works by Amanda Marchand. Using ideas inherent in the temporality of the lumen printing process, Marchand explores concepts of landscape, time, and our mortal planet. The cameraless photographic process of creating lumens is beautiful in its simplicity, as colors and shapes are created by exposing black and white photo paper to light, bringing out the latent color in the paper. As it develops, the ephemeral changing colors of the lumen serve as a visual marker for the passage of time, captured with a scanner and held in perpetuity by the artist in a way that merges early photographic processes with new technology. Cutting and rearranging, Marchand creates compositions of color referencing the natural landscape - the horizon, the movement of the sun, the growth and decay of vegetation, as well as cataloging endangered and disappearing species of flora and fauna. Bringing together several bodies of Marchand’s work, including The World is Astonishing with You in it: A 21st Century Field Guide to the Birds, Ferns and Wildflowers, Lumen Notebook, No Title Required, and Timelines, the show is a testament to the changing environment around us, reminding us of the ebb and flow of time and our own place within nature. Lumen Notebook will be on view at Foto Relevance from May 14th through July 9th, 2022.