Lou Peralta & Alia Ali in Culture Place

Foto Relevance is excited to present a selection of curated works for the newest cycle of the Dallas Art Fair’s Culture Place initiative. In honor of Culture Place’s theme of “Peace, Love, & Hope,” we bring together selections from two of our gallery artists: Lou Peralta and Alia Ali. Peralta, hailing from Mexico City, creates art engaging with her cultural heritage and the sense of pride in being part of a larger community. Her works reflect a peacefulness in belonging, a love for one’s community, and a hope for the future and growth. Ali is a Yemeni-Bosnian-US artist whose images of obscured figures in saturated colors and hyperoptic motifs are escapist dreamscapes existing at a nexus in which politics, economics, and histories collide. 


Please visit Foto Relevance on Culture Place to see available works.

February 19, 2021