Szabo's "Family Matters" at John Wayne Airport

Over the last several years, Jane Szabo has been traveling on a regular basis to visit her parents in Seattle. She takes them to medical appointments and checks in on their well-being. Though these trips can be grueling, having the opportunity to spend so much time with them at their advanced age is a blessing. These frequent trips means that she spends a lot of time passing through airport terminals.


It is an honor and a fitting location for Szabo to exhibit artwork from her series "Family Matters" at John Wayne Airport-Orange County, from April 18, 2019 to May 16, 2019. Her artwork may be viewed on the Departure (upper) Level near security screening areas in Terminals A, B and C, and on the Arrival (lower) Level adjacent to Baggage Carousels 1 and 4.

April 10, 2019