Foto Relevance and Klompching Gallery Seminar

Foto Relevance’s Geoffrey Koslov and Bryn Larsen were delighted to co-host the seminar “Working With A Gallery: 5 Things You Need To Know” with Debra Klomp Ching of Klompching Gallery (based in NYC). Thank you to all who attended!


For those interested, a brief overview of the seminar can be found below:


Debra Klomp Ching, owner of Klompching Gallery in New York City, will give a formal presentation, providing a candid summary of the key challenges that photographers encounter when preparing to work with a gallery—from full-on representation to a one-off exhibition. This lecture will focus upon five essential tools needed – providing participants with the necessary insights to meet those challenges head-on and ensure the gallery/artist relationship is professional, successful and profitable for all.


Geoffrey Koslov and Bryn Larsen, owners of Foto Relevance in Houston, will present ‘real-life’ examples of how they work with artists, from the point of signing for representation or exhibition. They will share some critical issues faced, stumbling blocks encountered, and the impact these have on the gallery business and the artist in the age of social media and internet sales.

March 13, 2020