Joana P. Cardozo’s “The Naked Hours” at Bareiss Gallery

Joana P. Cardozo will be performing her installation piece “The Naked Hours” from May 25 – 31, 9 am – 5 pm at Bareiss Gallery in El Prado, NM. The piece is available to view through Cardozo’s Instagram live stream.


According to Cardozo: “For one week, I cut 2 x 2 inches black paper and cover the gallery walls using tapes and putty. The Naked Hours is much more than a quest for personal transformation, or the passage of time and the impermanence of this world. It became to be about the making of art and the destroying of art. The everyday life and its unnoticeable tasks. The repetition. The cycle of life, being born, growing, aging, dying. The beauty of simplicity or beauty and simplicity. The stillness and movement. The opposites, contrasts, spaces, blank spaces. Carpets and notations, the observation, and the cut-outs. The discipline enduring and the endurance. It became to be about the mistakes. The anger. The meditation and the breath. The possibilities and the lunch breaks, tea, and writings. Labor and the lack of work we are all facing. The Naked Hours became to be about sound and silence and interruptions. Personal and global transformations. A virus spreading in the world.”


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May 29, 2020