Karen Navarro in EXIT 87 - Portrait Typologies

Karen Navarro's work is featured is this issue of EXIT examining portrait typologies. Read below for a description of the issue:

There are hundreds, thousands and millions of portraits floating around in our individual and collective me­mories: portraits from the history of art; portraits of famous people; of friends from yesterday, today and every future; of my family and all the families that ever existed; of delinquents in millions of police mugshots in every country in the world; everyday selfies; portraits of weddings, baptisms and birthday parties; of all the dead people we did not want to let go of completely... 
EXIT 87 Portrait Typologies is, precisely, an issue that brings together portraits from their widest diversity. 

Fragmentation in por­trait is present in Karen Navarro’s project, while Humberto Rivas brings us back to a more classical, black & white, portrait. 

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August 20, 2022