Alia Ali - Artsy Vanguard

We are over the moon that Alia Ali has been chosen for the fourth edition of Artsy Vanguard! The Artsy Vanguard is a prestigious annual list and exhibition, spotlighting the most promising emerging artists practicing today who are the next big names in art. This year’s edition spotlights a tightly curated selection of 20 early-stage international artists making exceptional work and shaping the future of art, selected from a list of over 1,400 artists nominated by industry tastemakers, collectors, and art enthusiasts alike. The Artsy Vanguard showcase is a part of Miami Art Week and open from December 2nd to 5th. Located at Mana Contemporary, 555 NW 24th Street.


Brand new work will be on view in Miami, including Blue Bleed, WARP Series, 2021 (pictured right). 

December 6, 2021