Representation of Xuan-Hui Ng

Foto Relevance is excited to announce the representation of Xuan-Hui Ng. Ng will be featured in an upcoming solo exhibition at the gallery, opening November 2021.


Xuan-Hui Ng is a Tokyo-based artist whose photographs carry a deep reverence for nature. Rooted in her own experiences of turning to the landscape as a source of comfort and respite, Ng’s images reflect a thoughtful kinship with the natural world. The artist has exhibited at the Griffin Museum, and was recently recognized by the 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers. Publications featuring her work include What Will You Remember? and fotoMAGAZIN.


Artist Statement: I began photography as a form of self-therapy. Nature provided me solace. Its beauty crowded out the negative thoughts that had held my mind hostage. Its vastness gave me a sense of perspective while its ephemerality reignited in me a sense of wonder and adventure. Nature reminded me that life is beautiful, that there is so much to live for and to explore.
Initially, the urge to photograph stemmed from an almost desperate desire to preserve those precious moments of nature and prolong the serenity they brought. Overtime, I began to enjoy simply being immersed in nature and marveling at its beauty and magic. I hope that these scenes of nature can resonate with people in one way or another.
The past 10 years have been a period of transformation for me. My desire to spend more time in Hokkaido led me to move to work in Japan. I have been rediscovering myself and recalibrating the pace and direction of my life. Spending time in nature has made it possible. I bear its imprint, artistically and temperamentally. My images are a manifestation of these changes.

June 4, 2021