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Appreciation, History and a Place in Contemporary Photography

Foto Relevance is committed to expanding appreciation of contemporary photography-based art. Periodically, artists and genres of photography will be selected for commentary, adding framework and historical context to selected work. Your comments are welcome.

Medium Festival of Photography_Part 2

This is Part 2 of a Commentary of my review work at The Medium Festival of Photography in San Diego, California during late October 2015. Part 2 discusses selected non-traditional work by four very creative and experimental photographers. The work takes photography into regions that have roots in the past, but grow in creatively new

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Medium Festival of Photography_Part 1

I was privileged to participate as a reviewer at the Medium Festival of Photography in late October in San Diego, California. The setting and photographers were exceptional in all aspects. The work ranged from traditional photography (discussed in this Commentary, Part 1) to creative and imaginative conceptual pieces (to be discussed in Part 2 of

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What is Contemporary Photography?

What is meant by the expression, “contemporary photography”? Contemporary photography could be described as a photograph from our own time, compared to an image from a much earlier period. A relevant definition of the word contemporary is: “happening in the same period of time..of or in the style of the present or recent times… .”

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The Aerial Photography of Jamey Stillings

Aerial photography gives the art of the landscape image a very different perspective. Cameras were taken into the air in the earliest days of photography. “The first to successfully accomplish this feat was Gaspar Felix Tournachon or “Nadar” in 1858 when he photographed the houses of the French village of Petit-Becetre from a balloon tethered

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Lori Vrba – “Assemblage” – Photography into Sculpture

Lori Vrba’s current work, “Assemblage”, revisits an important development in photography-based art. In the 1960s and 1970s, artists started to incorporate photography into works of art. Many of those artists did not start out as photographers, and many lacked any formal training in photography. Many were sculptors or painters. A self-taught photographer, Lori began showing

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The Landscapes of Peter Brown

It was seeing Peter Brown’s image of Aquifer Lake that made me stop and want to write about landscapes in general, and Peter Brown’s work specifically. Much like his recollections of travel across the country in his youth, his photos reminded me of a lake near my house growing up where I swam during the

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