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Deep Focus

Appreciation, History and a Place in Contemporary Photography

Foto Relevance is committed to expanding appreciation of contemporary photography-based art. Periodically, artists and genres of photography will be selected for commentary, adding framework and historical context to selected work. Your comments are welcome.

The Art of Photography Installation

The world for a photographer is bringing images to life and then having an individual, corporation or institutional collector building an art collection, or public space, acquire that work. Partnering with an “imaging” group is important for an artist that is asked to produce work beyond what their own tools and resources can provide. There

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Portraiture in Contemporary Photography-Part 1

Humankind has created portraits since its earliest days. Portraiture took a large leap with the development of photography in the nineteenth century. We are intrigued with facial expressions whether looking at an image of a child, adolescent or adult. Consciously or subconsciously we give each part of the face close inspection looking for insight into

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