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Appreciation, History and a Place in Contemporary Photography

Foto Relevance is committed to expanding appreciation of contemporary photography-based art. Periodically, artists and genres of photography will be selected for commentary, adding framework and historical context to selected work. Your comments are welcome.

Documentary Photography-The Work of Marti Corn

“Photography is the only “language” understood in all parts of the world, and bridging all nations and cultures, it links the family of man”  – Helmut Gernsheim While photographic images are a universal language, there are different approaches a photographer can take to record what they see. Just as different languages have similar words, how

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Innovation from Photo Lucida 2017

Last month at Photo Lucida in Portland, Oregon there were opportunities to make new photographic discoveries. Innovation in photography is evident in both traditional analog silver gelatin prints and digital archival-pigment prints.  The old technologies coexist with the new.  In each of the following situations, the photographer found the ordinary and made it special, in

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AIPAD-Contemporary Photography-Based Art

The 2017 Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) Photography Show this year in New York at Pier 94 revealed a global selection of contemporary work beyond the plentiful exhibitions of older, vintage work.  There were roughly 150 Galleries, book dealers and Special Exhibitions. Approximately 2250 different photographers were shown on the walls, in the

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Light and Color – The Work of Deborah Bay

Light is nothing to our eyes. We cannot see it unless there is darkness around us. Yet, light is everything. Most all visible things have some color which resonates from light. Light weighs nothing, yet it defines shape, appearance and gives objects the sensation of mass.  Light in nature comes from the sun, which is

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Photography in Motion: Time-Slip – The Work of Martin Holmes

Photographers have always been interested in freezing a moment in time. Beaumont Newhall , in describing photography stated: “All good photography… holds a moment of time and a fraction of space forever; it reveals more than the eye can see; it discovers the world for us.” It’s a wonderful statement of what all photographers with

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